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Hello March

Birth Stone

In the heart of everyone, birthday is the most important day every year. We well understand birthday gift is an undoubtedly indispensable part of the birthday celebration for all walks of life, not only for the person who celebrate his/her own birthday but also for the people who celebrate their most beloved/relatives/friends.
Birthstones and Birth Month Flowers are often regarded as a synonym for an anniversary/birthday gift relating to the recipient’s age and birth month. People usually see birthstones and birth month flowers two different things. However, We love to combine them into one single fabulous product. It will be coming soon.
Birthstone, or sometimes called birthday stone, represented by numerous precious gemstones and jewelry, is usually characterized as the twelve month of birth in the Gregorian calendar. There are two different lists of birthstone representing months of birth, namely traditional and modern birthstones.
Even though the lists of traditional birthstones vary over different cultures, the majority of English-speaking societies have these popular choices:-
January – garnets
February - amethyst /pearl
March – bloodstone/jasper
April – diamonds/sapphire
May – emerald /agate
June – turquoise/agate
July – onyx
August – moonstone/topaz
September – chrysolite
October – opal/aquamarine
November – topaz/pearl
December – bloodstone/ruby

The list of Modern birthstones has been officially standardized and adopted since 1912. Now it is widely used:-
January – garnets
February - amethyst
March – aquamarine
April – diamonds
May – emerald
June – pearls/moonstone
July – ruby
August – peridot
September – sapphire
October – opal/tourmaline
November – topaz /citrine
December – turquoise/blue topaz

Birth flower of each month

Different flowers have different meaning and symbol for the month that people were born. To keep it simple, especially we are focusing on North America market, we like to adopt US style Birth Month Flower:-
January – Snowdrop – symbolizing love, fascination and purity
February – Primrose – symbolizing modesty, distinction and virtue
March – Daffodil –symbolizing rebirth, unrequited love and vanity
April – Daisy – symbolizing innocence, loyal love and gratitude
May – Hawthorn/Lily of the Valley – symbolizing happiness, humility and sweetness
June – Rose – symbolizing love, gratitude and appreciation
July – Delphinium/Larkspur – symbolizing joyful, fickleness and sweet
August – Poppy/Gladiolus - symbolizing moral integrity
September – Morning glory/Aster – symbolizing daintiness, love and magic
October – Calendula - symbolizing grief, hopefulness and grace
November – Chrysanthemum – symbolizing cheerfulness, friendship and abundance
December – Holly/Narcissus – symbolizing sweetness, self esteem and vanity

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